Part of our core mission is to present and translate the SoulCollage® process and get you started on your own journey right away. We can’t wait for you to discover all the beautiful and transformative ways creativity and magic supercharge your enjoyment of life.


SoulCollage® is an exploration of your inner world using an intuitive creative process of finding images and collaging them onto cards. You then use those cards to create your own one-of-a-kind “oracle deck” that is uniquely suited for YOU. Each card holds one energy or identity and has its own unique voice. Once you start building your deck, you can use your card to do readings on almost any topic.

Imagine you are a prism and someone shines a light through you. Your cards are the infinite spectrum of the rainbow refracting all the parts of you – your influences, helpers, challengers and archetypes that inspire your life.  

When the light shines through you, you begin to see the parts of you that have been hidden until now. You start to access power that was there all along but had been flying under the radar in your daily life. You will begin to understand how all these energies are interacting inside you and sculpting your life behind the scenes.

Your deck becomes a priceless, ever-evolving magic mirror of your being; a myriad reflection in which no one is left out. Through this process, you can bring these characters into the material world where they can talk with you… and with each other. You will understand who or what has been driving you, and from there extraordinary things can begin to happen.  



An oracle deck is simply a deck of cards that helps you discover information. They are sometimes called divination cards or decks and are basically just sets of cards with pictures and meanings. To use an oracle deck, you shuffle and pull cards which deliver insight through symbolism and intuitive knowing. Oracle decks do not adhere to the rules and history of traditional Tarot cards. The process that we are teaching - SoulCollage® - allows you to build your own deck of cards with images that are symbolic to you; as opposed to purchasing an oracle deck that someone else made. This is a significant distinction, because when you make your own cards and then learn what those cards mean to YOU personally, you are able to take the magic of oracle decks to a whole new level. This is especially cool if you are a visual person and/or are fascinated with exploring what symbols specifically mean to you (as opposed to the collective’s definitions).  


No.  Anyone can make cards and build their own deck. Although the cards you make will have their own innate beauty and mystical value, this process is not about making an art piece to hang on a gallery or chasing any one type of spiritual experience. This process has been used by people in many different life situations and brings benefits to everyone who does the work.  



No. In fact, SoulCollage® is the opposite of Vision Boarding. When you make a vision board you are collaging and telling the Universe what you (or your ego/logical mind) want. When you practice SoulCollage®, you are experiencing the Universe, your subconscious, the collective unconscious and your superconscious bringing you information and insight. You are giving these powerful invisible aspects the chance to use their voice through imagery and be heard.



No.  It has some similarities to tarot in that eventually you will have built a deck filled with some familiar archetypes that you can do readings with, but mostly the similarities end there. The SoulCollage® process differs from traditional tarot in a several key ways:  

First, your deck is just for you, and no two decks will ever be the same. With a tarot deck, you can do readings for yourself or anyone else and freely lend that deck to any other person. You will never lend your SoulCollage® deck to anyone else – there is a sacred relationship between you and your deck that is priceless. You may, however, encourage your friends to make their own deck and even help them to do so.  

Secondly, a traditional tarot deck is limited to 78 cards, but your deck is infinite – you can add cards as needed and also retire cards when appropriate. It is truly a living creation, as expansive and changeable as you are.



No.  Although SoulCollage® cards are often used therapeutically, the practice itself is not therapy. As you are creating cards and building your deck, and something challenging begins to surface, you may feel deeply that the best course of action is seeking out a therapist who is familiar with SoulCollage® to explore those feelings further.  



We’ve found that meditation supercharges this process. The style of meditation that complements this work the most is guided meditation – a storytelling style where you become the hero or heroine of your own inner adventure. In this style of meditation, not only do you get to that peaceful place, but from there you can learn, change, heal and access magic that appears to arrive from mysterious realms outside your everyday self.  For more on this style of meditation, see YOUAREMAGICLA.COM



One of the extraordinary aspects of SoulCollage® is the wisdom, inspiration and magic that comes “out of nowhere”.  Working with pre-existing images in this way helps you sidestep your rational mind, with all its rules, and tap into infinite fields of creativity that lie just below the surface. That “inner gold” is always there, the cards just help us get out of our own way so that it can come through.  

Another wonderful aspect of this process is that it uses the parts of your brain and being where creativity loves to play. When you access this part of yourself as you are making and reading cards, it will bring its gifts freely to other areas of your life and being.



There are an infinite number of ways to use your cards, but here are some of our favorites. 

1.    CARD OF THE DAY – pull one card each morning and hear what it has to say about the day ahead.

2.   READINGS – use existing spreads or make up your own.  (Try our Read it Like a Sentence Guided Meditation, or the Modulate Spread on our Resources page)

3.   INTENTIONAL PULL - Bring a card onto your altar or other power place to draw more of its energy and wisdom into your day.

Tips for Reading Cards: Reading cards can be very simple and yet yield very powerful results. It’s important to get quiet, let your intuition come forward and then choose cards (without looking) to fill out the spread you’ve chosen. From there just let the cards speak (as opposed to you talking objectively about the cards). Let yourself be surprised by what the cards say, and know you can always ask for clarification by pulling additional cards. Give yourself time to digest what you’ve learned and see what kind of synchronicities show up in your real life.  



Rejoice! The cards that scare and repulse us at first become our best friends and can be sources of deep insight. SoulCollage® is unique in its ability to bring aspects out of the shadows so we can transmute them and access the power they’ve been holding for us. Often, it is the shadow-iest cards that help us the most, so if a card comes together looking dark, it can signal an imminent breakthrough.  



No, they are just for you.  You are going to love your deck so much and it is going to benefit you in so many ways, it will be very tempting to share this great thing you’ve created and let other people do readings with your cards.  It is highly recommended that you do not. The reason for this rule of SoulCollage® is that as soon as someone else says something about one of your cards – even if it is a positive thing – that insight is theirs, not yours and can taint your perception of that particular card forever. So, keep your cards clean, keep them yours, and encourage your friends to build their own deck. It’s also a best practice to get in the habit early on of not commenting on other people’s cards. (It’s hard, we get it!) 



Ultimately, this is up to you, but after a few years we’ve come to the conclusion that no, it doesn’t feel right to share our cards online. There are a few reasons for this. First, we can inadvertently make ourselves and our deck vulnerable to unhelpful projections if we share them. We feel so strongly about this that all the cards you see on this site are not from our own decks, but from a special “spec deck” we created from copyright-free imagery to use for public consumption. SoulCollage® is deeply personal work, and in this way, we are protecting our own decks and recommend you do the same. 

Secondly, most of the imagery you will use to create your cards are images that have been pulled from commercial or artistic resources (magazines, catalogs, books, etc.) that you do not have the right to use for anything other than your own personal use. Copyright laws are a very tricky and serious business, and the safest way to be respectful of these laws and usage rights is to keep your cards to yourself for your own private use.



Absolutely! You can do this with friends and family and you can also do this on your own, especially if you use our Starter E-kit or read SoulCollage® Evolving by Seena Frost. This is an intuitive process and you really can just start gathering images and making cards. Even if some elements of this process aren’t crystal clear as you begin, you will figure it out as you go. Your cards will help you and the wisdom and magic will be yours very quickly.  



One of the greatest things about this process is that you don’t need a lot to build a truly extraordinary deck:

  • At least 20-30 minutes

  • 5” x 8”cards (cut from high-quality matboard)

  • Scissors or X-Acto Knife

  • Archival Quality Glue Stick

  • Images (as many and as varied as possible)

  • Paper Frame

  • Clear Easy-Seal Bags

You can get these supplies through our shop, the SoulCollage® site, or gather them on your own. We also have a Starter E-kit that serves as a really fun digital workshop to get you going, and some guided meditations to jump-start your work as well.


Do you have a question that is not covered here? You can ask via our CONTACT PAGE and we will do our best to get back to you within 72 hours.


You will be amazed at what you create…and blown away when you learn what it means.