In the early 2000s, our acquaintanceship sparked into friendship over shared insights of our individual meditation practices.

In 2016, that friendship became a full-fledged journey when Somsara and Jessica attended a SoulCollage® workshop focusing on Dreamwork. They started getting together once a month to make cards and build their decks.  As they began to do readings with their cards from their own respective decks, they realized they were benefiting profoundly as they worked with this fantastic process that became more nourishing and pleasurable the deeper they delved into it.

In 2017, Somsara & Jessica recognized that they were uniquely suited to bring this dynamic and profound practice to their respective communities.  Somsara, a collage artist, illustrator and designer had dedicated her life to art and creativity. Jessica, a meditation guide, content creator and multimedia alchemist, has long been working in the realms of magic. Together, they realized they are the perfect duo to guide people through the intersection of art and magic.

In 2018 they completed their facilitator training, adopted the name ARTxMAGIC (ART BY MAGIC) of which SoulCollage® is really just the tip of the iceberg, so stay tuned…


We believe that access to creativity and intuition is your birthright. 

We are here to create tools and experiences that help your inner work manifest most beneficially in your outer world.

Our mission is to help you combine creativity and magic into a practical/mystical process of personal evolution that's both profound and pleasurable.

To that end, we are delighted to present and translate the SoulCollage® process. By showing you how to make and read cards, we can help you quickly discover and utilize all the beautiful and transformative ways creativity and magic feed and flow into one another.



Jessica Snow is a meditative storyteller and multimedia alchemist.  

Since 2011, her bright imagination, inclusive nature, and resonant voice have made her a sought-out and beloved meditation guide in her hometown of Los Angeles.  

She writes, creates, records and leads inventive mystical experiences that are as profound as they are pleasurable. Beneficial for both the first time and experienced meditator, her narratives are powerful mythic adventures and beautiful, immersive original fairy tales filled with symbolism. By placing the participant at the center of each journey, she opens the door to the possibilities of awakening, rejuvenation, and transcendence.

Since starting crystal meditations at L.A.’s Spellbound Sky in 2012, Jessica has guided hundreds of events with thousands of people, written three books, created a mountain of beautiful online content so anyone anywhere can press play and meditate, and witness an extraordinary amount of magic. Her newest endeavors include ARTxMAGIC with her partner Somsara Rielly as well as high-level creative midwifery for artists and innovators.

Her main aim is to reconnect you with your own magic.




Somsara Rielly is a Los Angeles artist, illustrator, graphic designer & all-around seeker. 

Her name means “the eternal cycle of birth, suffering, death and rebirth” in Sanskrit - a pretty heavy name to be born with for someone who just wants to make the world a more beautiful place. After more than a decade of creative work in LA and NYC, she started to feel a pull for something more – something larger.

Prompted by this longing, Somsara finally satisfied her curiosity about meditation and began a practice. This simple act repeated daily started to help make sense of the world around her.  What she did not expect was how profoundly this practice would affect all of her creative output, and the more she practiced the more she realized how deeply both creativity and spirituality/magic/inner work (whatever you feel comfortable calling it!) are deeply intertwined. A deep desire to get people back in touch with their creative self and investigate the profound world that exists in each of us – whether we consider ourselves “creatives” or not – is now what floats her boat.

Somsara’s collage and mixed-media work weaves in layers of interpretation - the random connections between things is why she loves collage and why she pursues the idea of magic. The process of SoulCollage® blends these two things perfectly – like finding magic that is right in front of you. 

Past exhibitions include Los Angeles City Hall, San Francisco Center for the Book, Burt Green, Wallspace, Good Eye, and Co-Lab Galleries.


Jessica Snow  Photo: Charlie Chipman

Jessica Snow Photo: Charlie Chipman

Somsara Rielly  Photo: Diana Zalucky

Somsara Rielly Photo: Diana Zalucky