Three custom ARTxMAGIC guided meditations to support your SoulCollage® practice.

GET IN THE MOOD - 13 minute guided meditation perfect for when you are about to make cards. This mini-meditation is easy to learn – listen a few times and you’ll be able to adapt it however you like.  We recommend you lay out your supplies before listening to the meditation so you can start making cards right when you open your eyes.

WHO ARE YOU? - This unique 14 minute guided meditation takes you through the patented SoulCollage® “I Am One Who” process so you can learn the energy/identity of your card and hear its voice.  Once you learn this technique you can do it with or without listening to the whole meditation.

READ IT LIKE A SENTENCE - This 20 minute guided meditation makes sure that you get the most out of reading your cards. This meditation takes you through a classic spread and leaves a lot of space for new wisdom to reveal itself. Listen a few times to learn this technique, and then feel free to follow your intuition and adapt.


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